The Lupin Baking Company is the result of a decade of avid home baking and the discovery that standing in a kitchen all day feels better than sitting at a desk. Lila Miller founded the Lupin Baking Company in November 2017 as a way to share her love for baking with the DC community.


We get our name from Miss Rumphius. It is the story of a young girl who had to do three things with her life: travel the world, live by the sea, and make the world a more beautiful place. After a career as a librarian and some incredible adventures, Miss Rumphius, or the Lupin Lady as she becomes known, spreads lupin seeds throughout her community. Growing up in Coastal Maine, Lila always loved watching the lupin flowers bloom in early summer and took this story to heart. After a childhood living by the sea, a few years traveling the world and working in international development, she hopes to bring some delicious beauty into this world through her baked goods.  When considering a name for this business, it was the obvious choice.


At the Lupin Baking Company, we try to incorporate favorite recipes from our own travels around the world, as well as those of our friends and family. If you have a recipe or dish you would like to see out there in the market, let us know! We would love to give it a shot.

All of our lupin photos were taken by Maine artist Susan Garver. You can find these and many more stunning images on her website: https://susan-garver.pixels.com/